December 2016 Results

The final results for the December 2016 “New Year’s Red Cup” edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. There were some major upsets this month, with a potential for long term consequences for some houses.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in December.

With a numbers and might advantage, the Ruling House Cavalier has sent a clear reminder to House Westwind of who rules Everland by putting the farmlands recently carved out of the Upper Forest of Flowers to the torch. The loss of these farmlands will put House Westwind’s Agriculture into deficit, forcing them to rely upon either trade or charity, to ensure they can feed their people. An intentionally humbling experience in either case.

In the Black Iron Gap the Beasts from the East carried the day, crushing House Tempest and House Ragewater despite the defenders holding the high ground in the hill country. With their defences cut down, the trio of raiders decimated the livestock of House Tempest, filling their bellies with the spoils and leaving the rest slaughtered for the wild animals to carry off. While it appeared as a random act of savagery, the blow was actually quite calculated, as it leaves House Tempest without the necessary Agriculture to feed their people in the month ahead.

This was only the beginning of the troubles for the besieged House Tempest. Even as they fought to defend against the Beasts from the East, House Onyx struck at the heart of their Province, and even without the support of their Spartan allies managed to break Tempest’s formidable hilltop defences and carrying away much needed resources (3 in total).

To make matters worse, with two losses under their belt, everything hinged on House Tempest’s own raid against House Spartan. Victory would have at least negated the lost resources from the Onyx raid. However, even with a Might advantage, the loss of support from Westwind due to House Cavalier’s surprise raid, left House Tempest fighting alone against the seasoned warriors of House Spartan, and victory was denied. This resulted in the raiders returning empty handed and House Tempest now faces an empty resource reserve. Not only will they be unable to rebuild their lost Agriculture, they will even lack the resources to trade with others to make up the difference. Some cannot help but wonder if the simultaneous raids by Onyx and the Beasts from the East were not part of a more insidious plot to destroy House Tempest and weaken the western Alliance of Westwind, Tempest, and Aurora.

In another stroke of misfortune for the Western alliance, House Aurora’s army suffered an unexpected defeat at the hands of the angry and half-starved peasants of Wildvine Point. The locals continue to defy the authority of House Aurora, despite what should have been an easy victory to unify Aurora’s territories.

The peasant revolt in the Ironwood Forest, suspected to have been incited by agents from House Castellan, proved to be only the beginning of House Evergreen’s troubles. Raiders bearing the sigil of House Castellan also raided deep into the Southern Highgreen Forest. Though their local defence forces put up a fight, they were unable to defeat House Castellan, and the raiders carried off a month’s worth of production from Evergreen’s bustling lumber yards (2 resources in total). House Evergreen has grown to harbor much ill will towards House Castellan, who yet claim that they move only by the will of the King himself.


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