December 2016 Orders Received

Build Actions

Most houses successfully built at least one territory improvement this month, with the Houses Cavalier,  Spartan, Limrip and Aurora building two. Both House Evergreen and Leoness built three. In the wake of last month’s raids, House Tempest found itself without the necessary resources to build any improvements, meanwhile House Phoenix continues to hoard their resources instead of building territory improvements. While in the past Agriculture and Industry have been the favored choice of improvement, this month saw Civilization jump ahead to pull even with Industry as the most favored.

Trade Actions

Trade throughout Everland is on the decline, and this month the only caravans seen on the roads carried charitable shipments of resources to House Aurora and House Leoness, their two independant benefactors remaining unknown.

Political Actions

The Houses of Everland seem to have mobilized the bulk of their growing Civilization in defensive measures this month. Houses Tempest, Solaris, Evergreen, and Cavalier all closed their borders, with some exceptions allowed for allies and friends.  In the East, House Leoness and House Wildbourne grew concerned over political backlash against their recent military activities, and are reported to have stepped up security in order to intercept any enemy spies operating in their territories. However, with so much effort spent on political defenses it seems few spies were actually sent out.

Several diplomats were sent out to publically meddle in the affairs of other Houses. Of note, these were:

  • House Evergreen used its political influence to benefit the Ruling House Cavalier (+1)
  • House Aurora used its political influence to benefit House Tempest (+1)
  • The Ruling House Cavalier used its political influence to publically hinder House Westwind (-1)

The most significant Political Action taken this month was the inciting of a Peasant Revolt in the Ironwood Forest. These peasants seem to have been well fed, so it can only be assumed that someone has convinced them to revolt for alternative reasons. The only Houses with enough Civilization to exert such influence is House Evergreen and House Castellan, therefore most of Everland quickly realized who was behind the nefarious act.

Military Actions

This month saw an increase in raiding throughout Everland. In light of the amount of peacekeeping defence forces in previous months, most Houses choose to raid with the support of allies.


The Ruling House Cavalier has made it plain that it does not approve of House Westwind. Though they do not speak directly for the King, they are his blood and kin, and seem to feel that if left alone House Westwind will once again set their sights on the throne, as in days of old. In addition to publically deterring House Westwind efforts with their diplomats, House Cavalier has gathered it’s allies in the South to raid the Upper Forest of Flower. Unfortunately only Solaris possessed the military Might to truly assist the Cavalier raiders. House Phoenix’s forces ran short on supplies on the march and were left with no option but to turn back before they could meet up Cavalier and Solaris. Regardless House Westwind faces an uphill battle.

In the East, it is becoming more and more apparent that House Leoness seeks to align itself with the Beasts from the East, House Wildbourne and Limrip. Once again they join forces to raid, this time as deadly trio with its sights once again set on house Tempest. Fortunately for the outnumbered local defense forces of House Tempest in Black Iron Gap, their House Ragewater neighbours have set themselves to keeping the peace, and have come to their aid. Both Tempest and Ragewater are well accustomed to fighting in the hill country and may be able to turn this to their advance against the more numerous Beasts from the East.

House Aurora has decided that it can no longer tolerate the defiance of the peasants of Wildvine Point and its armies have been sent in to forcibly put down the rebellion and restore order to the territory.

While attempting to raid with support from allies, both House Tempest and House Onyx found their support cut off. House Spartan was forced to redirect its efforts from raiding with House Onyx in order to deal with a counter raid against their capital by House Tempest. While House Westwind was likewise forced to deal with the incoming raid by Cavalier and Solaris.

House Castellan,the King’s closest allies and the loyal defenders of the throne in the capital of King’s Seat, have once again moved against House Evergreen. Despite Evergreen’s friendship with the King Justin’s own House Cavalier, they claim to move by the will of his Royal Majesty alone against any threat to the crown. While the immense wealth of House Evergreen has so far been used solely to promote trade and prosperity amongst all of Everland, House Castellan sees it as a long term threat to the crown for any one House to rise to prominence so far above their peers. To that end they have sent an armed envoy to collect a portion of Evergreen’s wealth in an attempt to bring them back in line with the other Houses. However this effort has been seen as little more than a thinly veiled raiding party and House Evergreen vows to turn House Castellan away with its own forces. When combined with the suspicion that House Castellan was behind the revolt in the Ironwood Forest, it would seem that the normally peaceful House Evergreen is being provoked to anger.


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