November 2016 Results

The final results for the November 2016 “Dodgeball” edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in, and it is no surprise that numbers played a key role in victory for all four battles. Let this serve as a lesson to all generals, you cannot win when you stand alone!

House Spartan and Onyx were successful in turning away raiders from House Westwind, despite the efforts of Lord Commander Nixon himself, sending them back to the Westerlands empty handed.

House Leoness, with military support from House Limrip staged  a daring raid on House Tempest’s home territory in the Upper Black Hills and defeated the Tempest forces who were distracted with their own raid elsewhere. As a result the 3 resources that should have been produced in the Upper Black Hills for December, have instead been carried off by House Leoness and House Limrip, who split the spoils between them (2 to Leoness and 1 to Limrip).

House Aurora’s redirected raid in the Summer Way was soundly defeated by a unified defence force of all three of Everland’s Southern Houses.

Meanwhile in the Ironwood Forest, a simple raid turned into a wild skirmish when a trio of defending armies under the banner of House Evergreen set an ambush for raiders from House Tempest. It would have been a slaughter had not House Tempest received timely aid from House Castellan’s elite forces. Together they very nearly turned the tide of the battle, however in the end the immense wealth of the forest was preserved, for now…


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