November 2016 Orders Received

Build Actions

Most houses successfully built at least one territory improvement this month, with House Cavalier and House Leoness building two, and House Evergreen Building three. House Solaris was forced to spend their resources on purchasing agriculture to prevent a peasant revolt and therefore, along with House Westwind, found itself lacking the necessary resources to build territory improvements. House Phoenix simply choose to hoard their resources instead of building territory improvements.

Trade Actions

Several houses arranged for trades of Agriculture to make up for deficits, with trade caravans spotted moving throughout the Kingdom. Limrip traded agriculture to Ragewater, Onyx to Solaris, and  Castellan to Cavalier. As a result all territories were fed and no further peasant revolts occurred. However the PEasant revolt in Wildvine point has yet to have been quelled.

Political Actions

Many political actions were taken throughout Everland this month, both to help and to hinder a variety of houses. In light of the raids that occurred last month, the Houses Solaris, Spartan, Wildbourne and Cavalier  all chose to close their borders; with some except made for allies to pass through unhindered. Spies were also sent to several houses to secretly influence friends and foes. No spies were revealed this month.

Some choose to make public their political support, sending diplomats to assist those Houses whom they deemed worthy. None dared to openly declare their disdain for their rivals. Of note, these were:

  • The Great House Tempest used its political influence to benefit House Westwind (+1) and House Aurora (+1)
  • House Onyx used its political influence to benefit House Leoness (+1)
  • House Phoenix used its political influence to benefit the Great House Solaris (+1)
  • House Ragewater used its political influence to benefit House Evergreen (+1)
  • The Ruling House Cavalier used its political influence to benefit House Evergreen (+1)

Military Actions

This month saw an increase in the number of houses dedicating their forces to peacekeeping, likely in an attempt to discourage other houses from raiding. This proves a timely effort, as even more houses now commit themselves to plundering the wealth of their fellow houses.


House Aurora attempted to raid deep into the south, rumored to have set their sights on House Phoenix and the Glittering Hills. However, they overextended themselves and would have only been able to reach the Golden Savanna. However their oversight mattered not, for House Cavalier closed their borders, barring entry into the south and shifting its own armies from a  peacekeeping role to defending against the House Aurora aggressors. House Phoenix also choose to keep the peace and sent its armies to aid House Cavalier in preventing the raiders access into the South. House Solaris choose to support their allies in this endeavour, leading to a three on one battle in the Summerway, odds far in favor of the defenders.

House Leoness once again proved their boldness, launching a raid deep into the heart of lands belonging to House Tempest. They gained the military support of House Limrip, in raiding the Upper Black Hills with the promise of shared spoils. The two houses will fight together against House Tempest, who though outnumbered, maintains an advantage on their home soil.

House Westwind also choose to raid once again. However this time they set their sights further afield, on the vast wealth of House Evergreen. Unfortunately the distance would have proved to great, had they not been blocked at the border to Spartan lands. They now seek to prove their valor against the might of the Spartan army, who once again had expressed a willingness to keep the peace. With their own lands threatened by Westwind raiders, it only seemed appropriate that they would defend the Iron Spire. House Onyx joins them in its own peacekeeping effort to dissuade future aggression by House Westwind. Though the defenders outnumber Westwind two to one, through clever political maneuvering, Westwind yet holds an upper hand.

Far from idle, House Tempest’s own armies seek to raid the wealth of the Forest from House Evergreen’s grasp. However they face a tough battle, for House Evergreen seems to have prepared it’s armies for the defence of the Ironwood Forest. To make matters worse for Tempest, they do not stand alone. House Wildbourne throws its support behind Evergreen, stalking the forest for unsuspecting prey. Even House Ragewater descends from the Windward hills, its army taking up position in the Ironwood Forest to assist House Evergreen in defending against would be raiders. However, could they have known that the raiders would be their Tempest neighbours, whom they are known to maintain friendly relations with? Further adding to the intrigue, House Castellan sends its own army, not as peacekeepers, but rather to support House Tempest in raiding House Evergreen. The true motivation behind this surprising turn of events is unknown, but rumors abound that Castellan does not approve of Evergreen’s sudden rise to dominance through its industrial strength. Regardless, the size of this conflict will eclipse all others. Assuming that Ragewater holds to an allegiance with Evergreen over Tempest, the defenders seem to hold a significant upper hand. However, should Ragewater shift its support to Tempest, House Evergreen will suddenly find itself out numbered.


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