October 2016 Results

The final scores for the October 2016 “Fear Factor” edition of Project 314 Border Wars are listed above. Based on those scores, the four conflicts were resolved as follows:


october-2016-conflicts-resolvedThe Ruling House Cavalier successfully claimed the Summerhills. House Ragewater was awarded +1 Resource for assisting the King in this action.

The Great House Limrip, with military support from House Wildbourne, was successful in raiding the Upper Savanna. They have foraged 1 Agriculture from the Great House Solaris for the coming month.

House Westwind failed in its attempts to raid the Western Dalelands, thanks to the Great House Spartan arriving to assist House Onyx as peace keepers.

House Leoness successfully raided House Aurora, pillaging the Fields of Plenty and carrying off all resource production for the coming month (2 Resources). As per their agreements, one of those resources will be delivered to an Anonymous house, whose spies assisted House Leoness in sneaking across Everland to raid distant House Aurora.


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