October 2016 Orders Received


Build Actions

Every house was able to build at least one territory improvement this month, with the exception of House Aurora. For reasons unknown they decided NOT to spent their resources to build a much needed Agriculture improvement. As a result, the people of Wildvine Point are starving and the territory has revolted. Wildvine Point is no longer under the control of House Aurora, until they or someone else can quell the peasant revolt.

Trade Actions

Few Houses made use of trades, most preferring to stand on their own. However a last minute deal was struck with House Castellan who was seen sending resources and agriculture at least two different Houses in order to temporarily stave of further peasant revolts in the realm. Rumor has it that House Evergreen shared some of its vast wealth with an unknown benefactor.

Political Actions

Many political actions were taken throughout Everland this month, both to help and to hinder a variety of houses. Most of those actions were taken in secret, using spies, and though some Houses attempted to step up security to prevent just such an act no spies were captured or revealed this month.

Some however choose to make public their political actions, sending diplomats to assist those Houses whom they deemed worthy. None dared to openly declare their disdain for their rivals. Of note, these were:

  • The Great House Limrip used its political influence to benefit House Wildbourne (+1)
  • The Great House Solaris used its political influence to benefit House Phoenix (+2)
  • House Phoenix used its political influence to benefit the Great House Solaris (+1)
  • House Westwind used its political influence to benefit House Tempest (+1) and House Aurora (+1)
  • The Ruling House Cavalier used its political influence to benefit House Evergreen (+1)
  • The Stewards House Castellan used its political influence to benefit the Ruling House Cavalier (+3)

Military Actions

With King Justin insisting that the Houses of Everland respect the borders of each others Provinces, no territories changed hands. Many simply  saw to their own defenses or offered military support to allies.

october-2016-conflicts-mapAs expected House Castellan sent its forces to fight under the banner of the Ruling House Cavalier as they advanced to claim the Summerhills. House Onyx and House Ragewater also choose to support the crown, but Onyx lacked the necessary Might for their armies to reach Summerhills. While their vocal support of the Crown did not go unnoticed, only Ragewater was rewarded  for joining the King’s army this month. Together will be tasked with securing the Summerhills from the grips of vicious pack of wolves whose numbers defy explanation.

House Spartan chose to offer their armies up to the King’s judgement, acting as peacekeepers. The King decided that their role would be best served by going to the defense of the ailing House Onyx.

This proved to be a boon for House Onyx as House Westwind has sent raiders to prey upon their neighbors in the Western Dalelands. With Onyx now aided by the peacekeepers of  House Spartan, House Westwind faces heavy opposition to their plans.

The hunters of House Leoness surprised everyone, making use of open borders and its own considerable might to cross from the far east of Everland to appear unannounced in the Fields of Plenty to raid House Aurora. Rumor has it that they had political assistance in sneaking through Aurora’s perimeter defenses. Luckily for House Aurora they had chosen to use their army to bolster the defense of their home city, and Schnitzelholme is well matched for a fair fight with the Leoness aggressors.

Perhaps the largest conflict will take place in the Upper Savanna where the Beasts from the East are on the prowl, lead by the Great House Limrip and supported by their sisters of House Wildbourne. Together they appear bent on foraging away the hard earned agriculture from the Great House Solaris, who just so happens to have ordered its own armies to defend the Upper Savanna and their capital. Not to be outdone, House Phoenix has sent its army to fight alongside her longtime ally. These two mighty alliances are set to collide in a clash worthy of song.


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